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Encyclopedia of Networked and Virtual Or... > Performance Analysis of Multimedia T... - Pg. 1204

1204 Performance Analysis of Multimedia Traffic Federico Montesino Pouzols University of Seville, Spain Angel Barriga Barros University of Seville, Spain Diego R. Lopez RedIRIS, Spain Santiago Sánchez-Solano CSIC - Scientific Research Council, Spain IntroductIon Videoconferencing and multimedia communication technologies in general are gaining momentum with the development of networked organizations. Efforts are currently underway to further adapt multimedia technologies to virtual organizations where multi- media communications find applications in training and education, customer relationships management, communications systems. Overall characteristics of multimedia transport and application layer protocols are described. Special emphasis is made on quality- of-service requirements and constraints imposed on network performance by multimedia technologies and codecs in common use today. Specific methodologies and tools for measuring and analyzing performance of multimedia conferencing are also covered. Performance analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting techniques