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Encyclopedia of Networked and Virtual Or... > ProPlanT as a Multi-Agent Technology... - Pg. 1287

1287 ProPlanT as a Multi-Agent Technology for Decision-Making Support Vladimír Maík Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic Michal Pchoucek Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic Jií Vokínek Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic P Production planning and resource allocation is a com- plex industrial decision-making problem. Sophisticated computational model of a manufacturing domain may support this decision making by simulation of multiple variants of alternative plans and thus help identifying the most suitable one (according to defined conditions). Multi-agent system is an example of such a computational model as it can naturally represent the hierarchical and distributed structure of the manufacturing enterprise that is modelled. planning systems, simulation environments, diagnostic algorithms, or sophisticated control mechanisms (Shen, Norrie, & Barthes, 2001). Agent technology is suitable for domains that have any of the following properties: · · highly complex problems need to be solved or highly complex systems need to be controlled; the information required for solving problems or controlling systems is distributed and is not avail-