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Chapter 28: A summary and thoughts about... > The psychological perspective - wher... - Pg. 274

274 Developing Mental Toughness `Are we suggesting that everyone should become mentally tough ­ what about the mentally sensitive?' The straight answer is `no' although the macro and micro perspectives are also useful here. From the macro perspective a healthy society is one that contains a rich mix of different people, types, personalities, etc. They all bring something to the party. At a micro level, if we look at individuals there is evidence that the more mentally tough do get more out of life than the mentally sensitive (although the latter can and do lead happy and fulfilling lives). A fuller response might that there could be a case for shifting the men- tal toughness of the whole population a little to the right, which is not the same as saying that everyone should become mentally tough. If life gener- ally is to be more challenging then improving our response to that should be beneficial. As we know, it's not yet clear, when developing mental toughness, to what extent we are actually changing the mental toughness of individuals and to what extent we are simply equipping people with a better set of coping strat- egies. In practice, the distinction may not matter to the `person on the street'.