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Chapter Five: Intelligent Fools: The Hidden Price Tags of Irritability and C... - Pg. 97

Chapter Five Intelligent Fools: The Hidden Price Tags of Irritability and Contempt If I'm not part of the problem, there is no solution. --Bathroom graffiti f blaming others is such a destructive practice, why is it so prevalent? People mistakenly believe that blame and self-righteous indignation will move them closer to their goals, regardless if those goals are status, prof- itability, esteem, promotions, respect, achievement, or success. Blaming others is a widespread problem because the perceived payoffs are immedi- ate and visible, and the costs are delayed and hidden. Even though my work immerses me in the world of blame and its hidden consequences, it took me many years before I saw all the costs of ridiculing and demeaning others. Once you take an objective look at these hidden price tags of blaming others, it's likely you'll never again be tempted to use it. Sometimes I am quietly amused when the true source of a problem is made visible. It is then clear that individuals have wasted so much pompous energy, goodwill, time, and resources! They've staked their reputations to publicly dethroning their enemies. However, after their scapegoat is exonerated and both sides of the story are known, they begin a painful--and at the same time, exhilarating--journey of restor- ing credibility and rebuilding relationships. I 97