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Index > H - Pg. 219

Index and health and productivity, 55-56 and heart disease, 56 destructive conflict, eliminating, 26-27 dialogue, best techniques for opening, 193-194 disagreement, destructive, 14-15 recognize feelings associated with, 122 train your brain to stop, 120-123 frustration and blaming self, 54 and heart hassles, 29-31 applying insights to, 135-138 G E EASE, 130, 131 ECG analysis and frustration, 34-35 "emotional-idiocy," 11 emotions and health, relationship between, 48 gender roles and physiology, 50-51 genius that dissed the president story, 170-173 goodwill, preserving, 205-206 Gottman, John, 49-50 Grand Dragon of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, see