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Being Successful: How Do You Define Success? > Getting promoted - Pg. 40

Will Being Buddha at Work Help You to Get Promoted? High rank depends on circumstances; is only gained through effort; yet is effortlessly lost. It does not lead to contentment or happiness, still less to peace of mind. --Jatakamala 8.53 T HE BUDDHA DID not work for promotions, and neither should you. Bucking for a promotion is simply your ego grasping for attention and status. Getting that promotion is not going to make your life great, and it's not going to be perma- nent, given today's rapid pace of change. A promotion comes with circumstances, and circumstances can take it away. No, the ultimate destination of the Buddhist path is not the top of the or- ganizational ladder. The Buddha wouldn't do anything special to get promoted. Paradoxically, the Buddha got promoted all the time. He had no problem with that. The Buddha was a respected aristocrat, then a venerated ascetic with followers, and ultimately the head