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Practical Enlightenment: Chop Wood, Carr... > Selling without selling out - Pg. 24

How Can You Do Your Job of Selling-- without Selling Out? The great cloud rains down on all beings, whether their nature is superior or inferior. --Lotus Sutra 5 S ALESPEOPLE ARE THE rainmakers for their companies. Rain- makers do their magic dance, bringing nourishing rain to grow their businesses. It is not for them to judge but to serve. Essential to any effective rainmaker's dance are the attention, interest, and kindness he shows his customers. If he is wise and compassionate (remember that these are the two great virtues of Buddhism), he doesn't make sales calls--he makes service calls. He knows that his primary job is to help his customers become more successful--his job is to provide what his customers need. When he rains kindness on his customer, his customer rains appre- ciation in the form of money on the rainmaker and his company.