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Chapter 3 The Cause of Micromanagement > Chapter 3 The Cause of Micromanagement - Pg. 52

52 Creating Passion-Driven Teams advice and correct any errant tendencies. He was regularly seen on the production line giving detailed instructions at vari- ous workstations if things didn't seem right to him. Karl saw this as managing. His team saw it as micromanaging. Micromanagement Defined Obviously, Karl wasn't made aware of the Management Matrix and his core responsibilities. As a manager, Karl should have been training and equipping his employees while keeping an eye on the various systems for ways to improve them. He certainly had the knowhow. He just didn't have the right ap- proach for going about it. If you think of a micromanager as someone who dictates every action and every decision for everyone on the team, you're pretty much on target. Our friends at Webster's Dictionary de-