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Chapter 7 The Power of Water Cooler Conversations - Pg. 113

The Power of Water Cooler Conversations 113 Chapter 7 Po T he o w er of W a ter Cooler Conv ersa sations v tions ay after day, Rick shows up to work. And, day after day, he works hard. He likes his work, he's paid well, and he gets along well with coworkers. But Rick is considering looking for work elsewhere. Why? Because Rick doesn't have a clue about what direction his company is heading. Practically everyone where Rick works is kept in the dark about the company's medium and long-term goals. Rick asks his boss about it from time to time, but he's routinely waived off and his commitment is starting to wear thin. Rick wants what most workers want: to understand how his work contributes to the big picture. What Rick might like is something that Jerri experiences on a regular basis. Jerri is a junior high school math teacher, and she feels totally plugged in and fully aware of what's going on at her school and how her work factors in. The reason? Her principal makes it a practice to talk with teach- ers informally throughout the week. Sometimes it's in the hallway while students are arriving for school. Other times D 113