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Index > C - Pg. 187

Index A Accountability: accepting, for deliver- ables, 12­13; definition of, 9; distin- guishing between, and responsibility, 9­14 Agreements, broken: calling others on, 123­126; cleaning up, 126­128 Agreements, two rules about, 116 Anger, 38 Ashley, Susan Ingraham, 24 Austin, Texas, 114­115 Authority: and metaphors of organiza- tion, 19­20; responsibility without, 13­14 Collaboration, 43­45; and alignment of individual outcomes with group out- comes, 89­91; and commitment, 87­ 89; and common enemy strategies, 104­107; and consensus, 98­104; and expansion, 165­167; and motivation, 91­93; and relational exchange, 162­ 164; and shared clarity, 85­87; shared direction and energy in, 93­96 Collaborative mindset: competition versus cooperation in, 149­152; diversity as functional challenge in, 146­149; and expansion of life games, 141­143; intentional and reactive relationship