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Chapter 4. Business Linkage > Object-Oriented Service Delivery Framework - Pg. 20

Business Linkage 20 Communicating the enterprise direction was often stymied by bottlenecks at various organizational levels or not communicated at all. In the absence of a clear, coordinated and communicated direc- tion, several "assumed" directions drove the planning and execution of the enterprise's functions. This lack of effective process reduces the ability to focus staff resources appropriately and defuses technology's capability to leverage resources, support targeted growth, and enable innovation. Services delivered are often substantially off target due in part to this "noise" in the communication of the enterprise direction. The IT plan is generally segregated into two major components: application services and operations services. The elements in each of these components can vary depending on organizational philos- ophy and enterprise-specific requirements. Interestingly, an element of the ISD coming from oper- ations services will entail providing support for application services. The traditional approach described above is the most prevalent model in use today. Even when it is used religiously, which is not common, the traditional sequentially oriented framework does not provide for sufficient responsiveness and flexibility to support an effective ISD in the current business environment. The explosively rapidly changing business climate requires a totally new ISD frame- work. Object-Oriented Service Delivery Framework It seems only fair that since everything else in IT these days is object-oriented, services should be as well. The same attributes that exist in object-oriented programming and languages should also be applied to services. While the traditional approach to directing an enterprise assumed the mission was relatively fixed, in actuality, it was changing. Much like the molecules in an apparently solid object are in constant