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Section A.3. System Administrator (SA) - Pg. 99

Job Descriptions 99 Training and Development · Attends ongoing or advanced courses in commercial and industrial business practices and ter- minology, particularly terminology and practices directly relevant to the activities of the user community being supported. · Attends ongoing training on those existing and newly introduced IT systems, products, services, hardware environments, and software environments supported by the help desk and used in service delivery processes. · Develops knowledge of any related specialty areas (e.g., quality control, problem management, change management, and software development needs). · Studies technique and IT concepts to increase knowledge and skills needed to support user (e.g., service level management and customer care). · Increases professional knowledge and awareness by reading and participating in technical ac- tivities outside of immediate employment. · Successfully completes trial experiences that involve those skills of higher competency required at the next level of advancement. System Administrator (SA) Education A relevant BS degree preferred. As an alternative, candidates with previous experience in IT may also qualify. The quality of the experience as demonstrated by achievement may compensate for lack of formal education.