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Chapter 7. Processes and Procedures > Change Control Process - Pg. 59

Processes and Procedures Vendor Contact List GOLD Support Manager Citrix Software Support 1-800-424-8749 1-800-555-1212 M-F, 8a.m.­9p.m. all other times 406-554-3099 59 ISD Internal Request Procedure The ISD organization supports customers within its own organizations (DBA, OSA, developers) and customers outside the organization. A process needs to exist to manage the daily incoming requests for simple tasks. There is no need to open up formal projects for simple requests such as directory creations, account creations, special backups, and file restores. A request process should be de- fined to allow customers to submit simple requests into the ISD organization. Below is an example of a request process. ISD Internal Request Process This procedure is to be followed to request standard UNIX and NT tasks such as: creation of direc- tories and automount points, addition/changes to backup schedules, load tapes, special tape cre- ation, changes to file and directory privileges, and running a script that requires root privileges. These standard tasks, in general, should not take more than one hour to complete, and are com- pleted between Monday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For tasks that consume more than an hour, require a special element, and/or require special timing, it is best to request that the task be put on a project schedule and assigned a systems administrator. Account creation and password-reset requests are handled by calling the help desk. For new ac-