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Chapter 11. Creating Menus > Review Answers

Review Answers

1An auto-play disc allows you to create a DVD or Blu-ray Disc quickly from the main movie of your project. The advantage of an auto-play disc is that it can be quickly and easily created; the disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a menu for navigation during playback.
2Separate scenes can be defined by placing a scene marker on a specific frame in the Timeline. Scene markers are set in the Timeline using the Add Menu Marker button.
3A submenu is a button on your main disc menu that points to a specific section of your project, such as a credit sequence or a bonus clip. Submenus are created by adding a main menu marker to your Timeline.
4You can change the font, size, color, and style of your text buttons. Changing the properties of your text is done in Properties view for objects selected in the Disc Layout panel.
5You should choose a template that does not include a drop zone. If you insert a still image or video into a menu template with a drop zone, Premiere Elements will display that content within the drop zone.
6A Web DVD presents a DVD-like experience on the web, complete with menus, themes, and high-quality video. Use Web DVDs to share your productions with friends and family without having to burn and send them a physical DVD.
7The key benefits of an AVCHD disc are the ability to record HD video onto a standard DVD recordable disc using a standard DVD recorder. The resulting disc will have no menus, however, and will play only on a Blu-ray player.


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