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Chapter 12. Sharing Movies > Uploading to Facebook

Uploading to Facebook

Lots of folks are sharing their videos via their Facebook accounts, and here’s a very simple way to upload your videos from Premiere Elements to Facebook. This will be smoother if you log into your Facebook account before starting the upload process.

Click Share in the Tasks panel, and then click Online ().

Choose Facebook from the list at the top. In the Presets drop-down list, choose Facebook HD if your video is HD source or SD video for SD source. If desired, click the Share WorkArea Bar Only to upload only the work area bar.

Click Next.

Premiere Elements requires your authorization to upload content to your Facebook account. Click Authorize to start this process. A browser window will open, and if you’re not logged into Facebook, you should be directed to log in now.

In the browser window, click Allow in the Facebook Request for Permission Screen, and then close the browser window (if desired).

Back in Premiere Elements, click the Complete Authorization button.

Enter the required information about your project: Name, Description, and who can see the video, and then click Upload.

When the share is complete, Premiere Elements will display a hyperlink that you can click to view your online video and a link to send emails to invite friends and family to view the video.

Click Done to return to the main Share workspace.


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