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Chapter 12. Sharing Movies > Exporting a Frame of Video as a Still Image

Exporting a Frame of Video as a Still Image

Occasionally, you may want to grab frames from your video footage to email to friends and family, include in a slide show, or use for other purposes. In this exercise, you’ll learn to export and save a frame from the project. To perform this exercise, reload Lesson12_Start_Win.prel (Windows) or Lesson12_Start_Mac.prel (Mac OS) as detailed in the “Getting Started” section near the start of this chapter.

In the Timeline, drag the current-time indicator to timecode 00;00;26;15, or click the current timecode box at the lower left of the Monitor panel, type 2615, and press Enter/Return.

Click the Freeze Frame button () in the lower-right corner of the Monitor panel. You might have to enlarge the Monitor panel to see the Freeze Frame button. Premiere Elements opens the Freeze Frame dialog.

In the Freeze Frame dialog, click Export to create a separate still image, which is what we want to do here. Note the Insert in Movie option which you’ll use to insert the frame into the movie. You can also select the check box to edit the captured frame in Adobe Photoshop Elements if you choose the Import in Movie option.

In the Export Frame dialog, locate the Lesson12 folder and name your file manta.bmp. Click Save to save the still image onto your hard driveand close the Freeze Frame dialog.


You can also export Audio only from the Personal Computer output group.


The snapshot export function is very quick and easy but outputs only BMP files at the resolution of your current project. For more control over export size and formats, click Share, then Computer, and choose Image, which exposes multiple presets that you can customize by clicking the Advanced button.


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