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Chapter 8. Titles and Credits > Superimposing a Title over Video Clips

Superimposing a Title over Video Clips

Inserting titles over a black background video works well for opening titles, but Premiere Elements also lets you superimpose titles directly over video clips. Although you can add titles in both the Timeline and Sceneline, in this exercise, you’ll work in the former, adding a title to the shark clip (Clip05.mp4). Then you’ll copy the title to the start of the slide show and customize the text for that location.

With the Timeline selected in the My Project panel, press the Home key to move to the start of the movie. Then click the Page Down key six times to move to the start of Clip05.mp4.

Choose Title > New Title > Default Still. With the Text tool, select the default text and type Scary Critters.

Drag the text to select it and click to apply the LithosPro White 94 text style.

Right-click the title text, choose Position > Lower Third, and then choose Position > Horizontal Center. The title should be horizontally centered right above the title-safe line at the bottom of the frame.

Because you chose a style with an outline and a shadow, it’s actually pretty legible against the moving background. To make it even more legible, you can add a colored rectangle behind the text, as explained in the following steps.

Select the Rectangle tool () from the tools on the right side of the Monitor panel. The cursor changes to a crosshair. Drag to create a rectangle over the text you just created. Don’t worry about obscuring the text; in a moment, you’ll position the rectangle behind the text.

Click the Color Properties button () at the bottom of the tool buttons in the Monitor panel to open the Color Properties dialog. Set the color to black by clicking the large black color chip on the upper right of the Color Properties dialog. Click OK to apply the color to the rectangle you created, and close the Color Properties dialog.

Let’s soften the black color by making the background slightly transparent. Right-click the rectangle, and choose Transform > Opacity. The Opacity panel opens. Type 60.00 into the Opacity % field, and click OK to close the panel.

Now you’ll shift the new rectangle behind the text. Right-click the rectangle and choose Arrange > Send to Back to place your rectangle behind your white type. The white text is now clearly visible over the rectangle. If necessary, you can edit the size of the rectangle by clicking it to make it active and then dragging any edge to a new location. You can also trim the right edge of the title so that it doesn’t extend over the first Clip06.mp4 clip, where it would obscure the piranha text.

When you add multiple elements, such as text, squares, or circles, to a title, you create a stacking order. The most recent items added (in this case, the rectangle) are placed at the top of the stacking order. You can control the stacking order—as you did here—using the Arrange commands from the context menu or the Title menu. To quickly add matching titles at the same position in other clips, you can use the Copy and Paste commands.

Using the Selection tool, click to select the rectangle, and then Shift-click to select the text frame as well. Choose Edit > Copy.

Drag the current-time indicator to around 00;01;44;14, which should be close to the start of the slide show.

Choose Title > New Title > Default Still to switch to title-editing mode. Use the Selection tool to select the default text that was added, and then choose Edit > Clear.

Choose Edit > Paste to add the black rectangle with the words “Scary Critters” at the same position as in the original clip. Using the Type tool, select the words “Scary Critters” and replace them by typing Slideshow.

Use the Selection tool to select the black rectangle, and then adjust its width to the new text length by dragging the right-center anchor point to the left.

Center the Slideshow text by clicking to select it, right-clicking, and choosing Position > Horizontal Center. Then do the same with the background rectangle.

Review your movie, and then save your project.


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