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Chapter 10: Converting and Editing Your ... > Choosing the Right Hard Drives

Choosing the Right Hard Drives

The hard drive requirements for post-production may be different from the requirements of a drive used during shooting; Figure 10-1 shows a good in-the-field drive. Also, the final file size and plans for post-production may lead you to a faster drive than if you have a smaller and less post-production-heavy edit.

Figure 10-1: The LaCie Rugged drive is a great field drive.


Using drives that do not need to be powered on location is great for an easy field workflow. The problem with using these drives for post-production is that the drives are smaller than traditional hard drives that require power. Your field drives will need to be consolidated to just a single or a few master drives. Take all your raw field footage (and all the separate drives you used) and calculate how big of a “master” drive you need to move it all into one location. You need to buy at least two drives that size or larger and copy all of the footage from your field drives onto your external edit master drives. This way, you can have all your footage in one central drive, and you don’t have to manage multiple field drives.


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