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Chapter 3. News and Blogs > Program Blogger with PHP - Pg. 225

HACK Program Blogger with PHP #46 Moving from the browser to the desktop can seem awkward at first, but with the time-saving options and shortcuts the programs offer, you might end up wondering how you ever blogged without them. H A C K Program Blogger with PHP Build Blogger into your applications by tapping into the Blogger API. Hack #46 #46 If you've ever used a desktop blogging tool [Hack #45] or posted directly to your blog from a web application such as Flickr (, you've already used the Blogger API, though you may not have been aware of it. The Blogger API ( pro- vides a way to add posts to your blog without going through the standard form at So you can think of Blogger as a publishing platform that you can build into your own applications. And if you want to build a better way to manage your blog than Blogger provides, the API gives you access to all the functions you'll need. Working directly with the API can be a bit of a challenge if you're new to programming, but there are some ways to speed things up. This hack shows