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For every business professional swamped with e-mail, drowning in paper, wading through data—here are real-world solutions for turning all that information into business results! TAMING THE INFORMATION TSUNAMI demonstrates simple ways to change how you think about and use everyday technologies such as Microsoft® Office and Microsoft Internet Explorer—helping you match the right tool to the task, the right solution for your situation. Apply the skills, principles, and habits that empower you to work smarter and faster—and get out from under the deluge of too much work, too little time!


Find the best data, resources, and people on line. Mine the Invisible Web. Cultivate a network of experts.


Set up electronic filing and data storage systems. Follow four steps for tackling the 'big rocks' at work every day. Use Microsoft Outlook® to manage your time and resources.


Produce visuals that demonstrate patterns and processes. Learn how to get your best thinking on paper. Analyze data, solve what-if problems, and project trends.


Communicate more powerfully in your Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations, print documents, and Web content. Get your company's intellectual resources on line—and collaborating. Unleash your creativity!

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