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Chapter 9. Step Seven: Research Other eB... > Setting a Pricing Strategy - Pg. 115

CHAPTER 9 STEP SEVEN: RESEARCH OTHER EBAY AUCTIONS 115 Collectible Sports cards Site Professional Sports Authenticator Sports Collectors Digest Authentic Sportscard Guarantee Corporation URL Stamps American Philatelic Society Professional Stamps Experts The cost of these authentication services varies wildly, depending on what you're authenticating, the age or value of the item, and the extent of the service itself. For example, Professional Sports Authenticator rates range from $5 to $50 per sports card; Professional Stamps Experts rates range from $15 to $85 per stamp. Make sure the item you're selling is worth it before you go to this expense. Working with Appraisals Similar to grading is the process of having an item's value appraised. Professional appraisal services will examine your item and pass judgment on its approximate