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4. Editing and Formatting Notes > Creating Lists - Pg. 97

Creating Lists 97 Creating Lists Lists, lists, lists. Where would we be without bulleted or numbered lists? Books like this one would be a long, confusing paragraph of non-differentiated steps. (Read: nightmare!) Evernote knows that you want to put your notes in lists to make them as easy as possible to scan and follow. Use bulleted lists when you want to show a number of items but they can appear in any particular order (for example, a book list your students can use to choose the one they want to write a report about). Numbered lists are typ- ically used when you want to share information that needs to be done in order--such as the steps for the tasks in this book, a list providing instruc- tions on how to bake homemade bread, or a list that tells people how to apply for a scholarship. Adding a Bulleted List