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Chapter 2. Tweaking Your System: Adjusti... > Statistics: Finding Out the Source o...

2.3. Statistics: Finding Out the Source of Your Lag

No matter what kind of lag you're having, you should start your diagnosis by checking out your connection stats. To view the Statistics screen (as shown in Figure 2-1), choose ViewStatistics Bar.

Figure 2.1. The Statistics window shows you valuable information.

The Statistics screen is full of cryptic information. Here's what it all means:

  • FPS: Frames per second (fps). This rate tells you how often your computer is redrawing what you see onscreen. A frame rate between 15 and 30 fps is good. Higher is better, of course. If your rate is below 15, you might have a problem with your video card or your Internet connection.

  • Bandwidth: This is the rate at which your computer is talking to the Second Life servers. This rate varies depending on how busy your location is and whether particle effects are there (sparkles, fireworks, or basically anything flying around). You'll see your bandwidth go up when you first arrive somewhere and drop after everything in the region has been rendered for you.

  • Packet Loss: Your computer is constantly talking with the Second Life servers. Messages are passed back and forth between them like giggly girls in math class. When a message doesn't make it, the result is a packet loss. Lose too many packets, and the communication gets foggy and eventually shuts down. If your packet loss is above 10%, you're probably about to lose your connection either because the region you're in is having problems or your Internet connection is unstable.

  • Ping Sim: This is the time it takes for packet of information to go from your computer to the Second Life servers. If it's slow, your Internet connection is slow.

  • Ping User: This is how long it takes for a packet of information from the server to get to you. If your Ping Sim speed is low but Ping User is high, the problem is most likely with your Internet connection. If Ping User is low but Ping Sim is high, the region you're in is having problems.

The Advanced section of the Statistics Bar contains statistics that are not relevant to the regular user experience. Linden Lab support may ask you for the information contained there but a regular user doesn't need to know it.

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