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Part III: Driving Sales with Sales Cloud

Part III: Driving Sales with Sales Cloud

In this part . . .

Sales is pretty straightforward, right? Your company makes widgets, you sell them to new prospects or existing customers, and you get a nice commission check for your efforts. The cycle starts all over, and hopefully, you get to knock on the door of existing customers because you've built up a rapport with them. Or so you'd hope. For many companies, life may not be that cut and dried.

First, in this day and age, never take your existing customers for granted. With easier access to information, your customer has more negotiating power and is more likely to hop to a competitor (or to you) if the value's there. That means you should always be courting new leads and moving them along the various stages of your sales process. Your pipeline should have no dry spells.

Second, you better know what the next steps are to move them closer to winning that deal. Spreadsheets show outdated information and aren't enough help when you need to be more nimble than your competitors. And what if your company sells a whole laundry list of products and services to a wide range of customers in varying industries . . . and even the prices of your offerings differ depending on the customer? How do you organize that in a spreadsheet? Or what if your company has an indirect sales force to help bring in deals from across the globe? How will you track all those moving parts to get an accurate view of what's really in your pipeline? Don't worry. Salesforce helps organizations manage their deals.

In this part, we cover how to track sales scenarios in Salesforce. We show you how to use Salesforce to track the various products that you deal with to close more deals. Whatever the size of your sales organization, read ahead if you'd like to take your use of Salesforce to the next level.


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