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Chapter 10. Tracking Opportunities > Entering Opportunities - Pg. 159

Chapter 10: Tracking Opportunities Probability: The probability is the confidence factor associated with the likelihood that you'll win the opportunity. Each sales stage that your company defines is associated with a default probability to close. Typically, you don't need to edit this field; it gets assigned automati- cally by the Stage option that you pick. In fact, your administrator might remove write access from this field altogether. Stage: This required field allows you to track your opportunities, follow- ing your company's established sales process. Salesforce provides a set of standard drop-down list values common to solution selling, but your system administrator can modify these values. Type: Use this drop-down list to differentiate the types of opportunities that you want to track. Most customers use the Type drop-down list to measure new versus existing business, but your system administrator can modify it to measure other important or more specific deal types, such as add-ons, up-sells, work orders, and so on. When customizing your opportunity fields, take into consideration the patience and attention span of your end users. Keep the record as simple as possible to ensure that all your important fields actually get filled in. If you add many fields, you might make the opportunity record harder to use, which then puts user adoption of Salesforce at risk. At the same time, you'll have greater success with opportunities when you can easily capture what you 159