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Chapter 8: Keep up on News with Google Reader - Pg. 188

08 HtMl as a feed? Like feeds, HTML itself can also be parsed by software. However, HTML has grown more complex over time; for instance, it often includes layout definitions right within the main file, as opposed to an external stylesheet. Also, HTML doesn't yet have a KeeP uP on news witH GooGle reader Google reader is Google's "feed reader" web application. Most blogs, but also many traditional news sites, have an accompa- nying feed, which contains the site's latest entries in a com- puter-readable syndication format. By subscribing to a feed using a feed reader, you can keep up to date with this web site without ever having to actually visit it again--because the post arrives in your feed reader. similar to how things work in an email inbox, any unread posts show up in bold to the left. There are two flavors of these feeds: RSS and Atom. One way to subscribe to them is to use Google Reader. All you need is a Google Account [Hack #1] . Point your browser to http:/ / and log in. To get you started, Google provides instructions, and gives you the chance to subscribe