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Chapter 8: Keep up on News with Google R... > HACK 85:Beyond Google: Bloglines, Ki... - Pg. 204

HaCK 85: Beyond Google: Bloglines, kinja, and other feed readers RSS readers usually come in two flavors: online applications and desktop applications. They also span different media, including your home computer and your mobile phone. And if you prefer, you can also channel feeds through other tools, such as email, or your browser bookmarks. Following are a few alternatives to Google Reader. Sometimes they have more features, sometimes less, and sometimes they are just different . . . and possibly, more to your taste. Bloglines Bloglines is one of the most well-known web-based feed readers. You can register for a free account at After logging in, you will see your subscriptions to the left side and the posts to the right side, similar to what you may be used to in Google Reader (Figure 8-19). Note that as opposed to Google Reader, at Bloglines items will become read even if you haven't scrolled them into view yet (you can use the Keep New checkbox to retain items that you've loaded). Bloglines allows you to subscribe directly to package tracking numbers [Hack #83] and other nonfeed items. figure 8-19 . Bloglines, a competitor to Google Reader, with a similar basic layout