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Chapter 9: Creating Google Docs Presenta... > Taking a Peek at the Presentation Wi... - Pg. 164

164 Part 3:The Cloud Nine: Getting Things Done (nope, not even a basic fade in/fade out) and one measly animation effect. It all seems a bit parsimonious, I know, but transitions and animations require computing horse- power, and that's in short supply when everything happens in the cloud. Don't worry, though. Google Docs offers plenty of features and options for creating compelling cloud-based presentations. Taking a Peek at the Presentation Window To start the Google Docs presentation application, use Chrome to surf to Google Docs ( and then open one of the following doors: To crank out a new presentation, click Create New and then click Presentation. If you've already got a presentation in the works, click the presentation name in the list of files. Figure 9.1 shows a newborn Google Docs presentation with some of its features. Menu bar Toolbars