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Lesson 9. Sharing Photos > Adding Your Own Photos - Pg. 110

110 LESSON 9: Sharing Photos FIGURE 9.5 You can view an album to display thumbnail images of the pic- tures it contains. To share an album with another friend, you can click the Share link on the album page to open the Share this Album dialog box. From there, you can share the album by posting a link on your timeline or by emailing a link to a friend. Adding Your Own Photos Now that you know a little about how to view photos in Facebook, it's time to add some of your own. First, you need to locate and decide which photos you want to share online. After you've figured that out, you're ready to create an album and upload some photos. NOTE: You can add a photo in your status update box, too, and post it directly onto your timeline (previously known as the Wall). Just click inside the box, click the Photo link (on your profile page) or Add Photo/Video link (on the Home page), and then choose an option. You can upload a single photo, grab one from your camera (as long as it's attached to your computer), or start a brand-new album from the status update box.