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6. Publishing Your Photographs and Other... > Uploading and Sharing Photos to Goog... - Pg. 128

Uploading and Sharing Photos to Google+ When it comes to uploading photos and videos to Google+, you have more options than just using the Share box mentioned previously. Although the Share box is convenient and always just a click away, its big- gest drawback is the fact that all of your photos shared directly to a post are automatically moved into your "Photos from posts" photo album. As a photographer, I like to keep my photography work organized on my work computers and online. The two best places to upload new images to Google+ that you want to share are through the Google+ Photos page and on your Google+ profile. From the Google+ Photos Page To access the Google+ Photos page, click the Photos icon in the Google+ navigation bar (Figure 6.13). The default section of thumbnail images you'll see will be "Photos from your circles" (Figure 6.14). On the Google+ Photos page you have a multitude of options for uploading and sharing images on Google+. Uploading a new photo To upload and share a new photo (or multiple photos) to Google+, follow these steps. 1. Click the Upload New Photos button located in the top-right area of the Google+ Photos page. 2. Decide if you want to create a new album to store your image in or if you want to add it to an existing album. Both options are located at the top of the "Upload and share photos" window that appears (Figure 6.15). Colby's Quick Tips Google+ allows you to upload photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels in size. Any images larger than those dimensions will automatically be resized to 2048 pixels on the photo's longest edge. Google+ also strips all metadata if it has to resize your image, including copyright information. 128 Google+ for Photographers