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Chapter 2: Niche Blogging - Pg. 23

2 O Niche Blogging ne of the most important decisions that bloggers need to make when they want to build a profitable blog is what their blog will be about. This chapter introduces you to the concept of niche blogging and gives you some questions to ask yourself when you are considering what topic to focus your blog upon. The majority of bloggers starting out do so by creating a personal blog. These blogs are, in many ways, an extension of the life of the blogger and usu- ally cover a wide array of interests, ranging from life experiences to observa- tions on work, hobbies, relationships, and passions. Personal blogs can be a lot of fun and are a great place to learn about the basics of blogging; however, having a blog focus on such a variety of topics and delving into your personal life doesn't always make good business sense. I started out with a personal blog that covered everything from spiritual- ity and church to photography to blogging (and more), and though the blog did become quite popular, after 18 months of running it, I began to notice a number of things that made me consider a new approach: · Some readers became disillusioned with the blog. My blog had a num- · ber of main themes, and different readers resonated differently with each one. A few readers shared all of my diverse interests; however, most came to my blog to read about just one aspect of my life. When I focused on a topic they were not interested in, they either ignored the post or, at times, even pushed back. In the end, a number of regular loyal readers became disillusioned with my eclectic approach to blogging and gave up reading me altogether. I began to feel guilty about blogging on certain topics. Knowing that many of my readers were disillusioned by my scattered approach to blogging, I began to feel more and more guilty about posting on certain