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Introduction > Becoming a ProBlogger: Darren’s Story of Blogging - Pg. xxi

Introduction Becoming a ProBlogger: Darren's Story of Blogging During the first year of my blogging career, I worked three jobs simultaneously, studied part-time, and blogged on the side. A common misconception that first-time readers arriving at ProBlogger .net have is that the six-figure income I've earned from blogging was some- thing that I achieved overnight. It wasn't. Though blogging has enabled a growing number of people to earn an income, the process is rarely a quick one. For this reason I'd like to share my own story of blogging--from hobbyist to full-time blogger. So, grab a coffee, make yourself comfortable, and relax--this could take a little while. Once Upon a Time... In November 2002, when I first hit "Publish" on my original (and short-lived) blog, I did so believing that this "blogging thing," which I'd only just heard of that day, would be nothing more than a bit of fun. I started this blog for a number of reasons, but it was largely out of curios- ity, the idea of having a new hobby, and the hope that perhaps I might meet some new people with similar interests to mine. At the time I was working three jobs. My Three Jobs My main job at the time was as a minister of a church, three days per week. It was a part-time job (I was not "the" minister, but one of four working in a team), and my responsibility was to work with young people. I was engaged to be married (to Vanessa, or "V," as I call her) and trying to save for a wedding and pay off a car loan and college fees, so I had also taken