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Challenging our Assumptions Social Knowledge Sharing Is a Way of Constantly Preparing Now, we have many ways to collaborate and alternatives to move beyond such single control from one person or entity as I experienced in making the future view films. Yet, are we truly ready for the help that technology represents? Terms such as "continuous improvement" sound businesslike but they can also sound exhausting unless we understand that technology alone does not accomplish very much. One major hospital in London just removed all their investment in an electronic medical system. "I have personally apologized for the decision to implement the system before we were really clear about what we were going to receive...I had been led to believe it would all work." - Andrew Way, the chief executive of the Royal Free Hospital, 1. 2. 3. How do you define the term social knowledge? Do you have a story or know of one where you had to question the assumptions of what you were hearing or reading? What is it you see developing for us through social knowledge sharing that's really part of our everyday lives? Visit to engage in our conversation. REFERENCES Abley, M. (2005). Spoken Here: Travels among threatened languages. New York: First Mariner Books. Anderson, N. (2009, October 11). 100 years of big content among fearing technology -- in its