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Chapter 4: Hitting the Wall ... and Your... > Posting to Your Wall or News Feed - Pg. 59

Chapter 4:Hitting the Wall ... and Your News Feed 59 Filter the content on your f iend s Wall ' You can filter the content displayed on your friend's Wall. Posting to Your Wall or News Feed At the top of the News Feed and the Wall is Facebook's Publisher. Its primary purpose is to enable you to post text informing your friends of what you're doing, planning to do, thinking, or feeling at this very moment. It's very similar to posting a "tweet" on something referred to as microblogging. You use the Publisher to post status updates (also called stories) and other content to your News Feed or Wall or to a friend's Wall. Adding a post to your News Feed or Wall is one of the easiest things you can possibly do on Facebook: 1. Click Home or Profile (in the top menu) to post in your News Feed or on your Wall. Either way, what you post will appear in both your News Feed and on your Wall. (Click a friend to post the update to your friend's Wall, addressing the post more directly to this particular friend.) 2. Click in the What's on your mind? box and type your message. 3. (Optional) Click any of the controls below the What's on your mind? box to add a photo, video, link, event announce- ment, or other content to your status update, as explained in the following sections.