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Lesson 2. Getting to Know the Work Area > Setting GoLive preferences - Pg. 61

Getting to Know the Work Area 4. Click the Inspector tab to collapse the palette. Next you'll save the index.html file using a context menu. 61 Using context menus GoLive contains several context-sensitive menus that display commands relating to the active win- dow or selection. You use context menus as a quick way to choose commonly used commands. Now you'll use a context menu to save the changes you've made to the home page. 1. 2. To display a context menu, position the pointer over the active window or selection--in this case, the page icon ( ) in the upper left corner of the document window. Then do one of the following: · In Windows, click with the right mouse button. · In Mac OS, hold down Control and click with the mouse button. In the context menu that appears, choose Save or Save As to save the page. 3.