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5. Get ready to go > How do we do it?

How do we do it?

We want to do just enough work at the beginning to remove uncertainty and clarify what the business (and customers) need. We do this by getting the right people together to make it happen. What follows are the key elements for getting our ducks in a row before we move into build.

Gather the right people in the same place at the same time

The importance of gathering all the key stakeholders and team members at the outset cannot be overstated. From them will emerge a common understanding of the problem to be tackled and its potential solutions. This understanding must be common not only to the various areas of the business itself but also to those implementing the solution (both designers and IT).

This means having business, design, and IT representatives in the same place at the same time—and not just any representatives, but those empowered to negotiate and set direction. Much time is lost in traditional analysis when analysts and designers play the role of go-between, caught between opposing and uncompromising business stakeholders with conflicting views of both the problem and the “correct” solution. This approach short-circuits such potentially unprofitable expenditure of effort.


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