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Spell checking web pages

It’s important to ensure that the content you post to the web is error free. Dreamweaver includes a robust spell checker capable of identifying commonly misspelled words and creating a custom dictionary for nonstandard terms.

Click the contact_us.html tab to bring the document to the front, or open it from the site root folder.

Insert the cursor in the main heading Contact GreenStart Association in <div.content>. Choose Commands > Check Spelling.

Spell-checking starts wherever the cursor has been inserted. If the cursor is located lower on the page, you will have to restart the spell check at least once to examine the entire page.

The Check Spelling dialog box highlights the word GreenStart, which is the name of the association. You could click Add To Personal to insert the word into your custom dictionary, but for now click Ignore All, which will skip over other occurrences of the name during this check

Next, Dreamweaver highlights the word email, which is listed in the dictionary spelled as e-mail. If your company uses the hyphenated spelling, go ahead and click Change, otherwise click the Ignore All again.

Dreamweaver highlights the domain for the email address Click Ignore All. Click Ignore All again when it stops on the name of the town (Meridien).

Dreamweaver highlights the word Asociation, which is missing an s. To correct the spelling, locate the correctly spelled word (Association) in the Suggestions list and double-click it.

The next word the spell check stops on is grassroots, which is in the dictionary as two words. The word is a compound noun made from two separate words. If you look it up, many dictionaries will show it with a hyphen between the two words. To make this type of change, add the hyphen in the Change To field so that the correction reads grass-roots and click Change.

Continue the spell check to the end. Correct any misspelled words and ignore proper names, as necessary. If a dialog prompts you to start the check from the beginning, click Yes.

Save the file.


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