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Part I: Preparation and Background Knowledge

Part I: Preparation and Background Knowledge

Every creative skill has a certain degree of theory and preparation to go through before you can just jump in and produce a masterpiece, and web design is no different. In this part of the book we will give you the background knowledge you need to start planning and implementing websites with confidence. You will initially learn about the mission of InterACT, and why web standards are so important, then move on to looking at the toolset you’ll need for web design.

Chapter 3, “Learning on the Web,” then explores how to effectively use the Web as a resource to find learning aids, get help, become a part of the web community, and manage your resources. We then look at internet fundamentals—the basics of how the Web works—before finishing off by learning about writing for the web. Effective web copy is distinctly different from print copy, as people tend to read and learn from the Web in different ways.

To summarize, this part contains the following topics:

  • The InterACT mission

  • Why web standards matter

  • The tools you’ll need

  • Finding answers on the Web

  • Staying up to date with the latest web happenings

  • Keeping productive

  • The web community, and contributing to it positively

  • Web history

  • Web architecture

  • How a web server works

  • Writing good copy for the Web


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