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11. EVOLVING INTELLIGENCE > Building the Environment

Building the Environment

Armed with a measure of success and two methods of modifying the best programs, you’re now ready to set up a competitive environment in which programs can evolve. The steps are shown in the flowchart in Figure 11-1. Essentially, you create a set of random programs and select the best ones for replication and modification, repeating this process until some stopping criteria is reached.

Create a new function called evolve to carry out this procedure:

def evolve(pc,popsize,rankfunction,maxgen=500,
  # Returns a random number, tending towards lower numbers. The lower pexp
  # is, more lower numbers you will get
  def selectindex(  ):
    return int(log(random(  ))/log(pexp))

  # Create a random initial population
  population=[makerandomtree(pc) for i in range(popsize)]
  for i in range(maxgen):
    print scores[0][0]
    if scores[0][0]==0: break

    # The two best always make it
    # Build the next generation
    while len(newpop)<popsize:
      if random(  )>pnew:


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