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We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the many people who contributed to make this project a reality and to turn our ideas into the book that you are now reading.

To the reviewers who gave us feedback on the manuscript in its various stages of development and helped make it a much better book. They include Philip Hallstrom, Christopher Haupt, Derek Lakin, Jon Tirsen, Deepak Vohra, Jeff Cunningham, Christopher Bailey, Scott Shaw, Mark Eagle, and Benjamin Gorlick. Special thanks to Deepak Vohra who did a thorough technical proofread of the book just before it went to press.

To the readers of Manning’s Early Access Program who helped ferret out many last-minute errors and inconsistencies in our draft chapters.

To everyone at Manning Publications, especially publisher Marjan Bace and our editors Mike Stephens and Cynthia Kane, as well as the production team of Andy Carroll, Dottie Marisco, Gordan Salinovic, Elizabeth Martin, and Mary Piergies.

To Thomas Fuchs for agreeing to write the foreword and to Tom Locke for contributing the chapter on Rails. Our sincere thanks for lending your names and efforts to our endeavor.

Dave Crane

Above all, I’d like to thank Sam Stephenson and Thomas Fuchs for creating these remarkable libraries, and to the Prototype core development team—Justin Palmer, Andrew Dupont, Dan Webb, Scott Raymond, Mislav Marohnic, Christophe Porteneuve, Tobie Langel, and Seth Dillingham—for keeping the ball rolling at such dizzying speed while staying on course.

I’d like to thank my colleagues Simon Warrick, Tim Wilson, Susannah Ellis, Simon Crossley, Rob Levine, and Miles Wilson at Historic Futures for their support for this project, and to Wendy, Nic, Graeme, and the team at—and all my talented students—for helping to shape my thoughts on how this book should be written.

And thanks to Bear and Tom for their invaluable help and insight in getting this book into shape.

Finally, and by no means least, I’d like to thank the rest of the Crane family—Chia, Ben, and Sophie—for putting up with me while I wrote yet another book, my Mum and Dad, and my cats, for being so patient and understanding about not always getting fed quite on time.

Bear Bibeault

I’d like to thank my friends at, who encouraged me to put pen to paper (rather, fingers to keyboard) and to “Go for it!” when I expressed an interest in writing. They include, but are not limited to, Ernest Friedman-Hill, Eric Pascarello, Ben Souther, Max Habibi, Mark Herschberg, and Kathy Sierra.

I’d like to thank Paul Wheaton, owner of, for creating such a wonderful place to linger, learn, and help others.

I’d like to thank Dave Crane and Michael Stephens for putting their trust in me and for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this work.

I’d also like to thank my dogs Gizmo and Little Bear, whose visages appear in some of the screen captures in these pages, without their written consent, and who provided companionship by lying on my feet as I typed away.

And I’d like to thank my partner Jay, who put up with all the long nights, the rants regarding Word, the moaning and groaning about browser idiosyncrasies, and who introduced me to the Mac all those years ago.

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