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Chapter 15. Using Message Queuing > Adding a Handler to Message Queues

Adding a Handler to Message Queues

Now that we have created an object queue, we need to add a method to it. This is similar to adding methods to content object types. It tells the system that we want to add a way in which the message queue can act upon itself. A typical method for a message queue would be Send. Since all messages will be processed by the handler, we can use the Send method to process the messages waiting for the A2Z Support team. We add methods to queues by using the <CFA_MESSAGEQUEUEMETHODADD> tag. Like the previous tag, we will create a one-time-only script that we will run in a browser and then not worry about again. Table 15.2 describes the attributes for <CFA_MESSAGEQUEUEMETHODADD>. None of the attributes are optional.

Table 15.2. Required <CFA_MESSAGEQUEUEMETHODADD> Arguments
Argument Description
datasourceThe datasource where the message queue is stored.
method The name of the method.
messageQueueID The ID of the message queue where the method will be added.
handler The filename of the handler. Specify just the filename of the handler, not the full path. Spectra will use the handlerRoot of the message queue to determine what folder to look into.


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