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Written by the best known and most trusted name in the ColdFusion community, Ben Forta, The ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit is the best-selling ColdFusion series of all time - the books that most ColdFusion developers used to learn the product. This Getting Started volume starts with Web and Internet fundamentals and database concepts and design, and then progresses to topics including creating data-driven pages, building complete applications, implementing security mechanisms, integrating with e-mail, building reusable functions and components, generating data-driven reports and graphs, building Ajax-powered user interfaces, and much more. Complete coverage of ColdFusion 9 continues in "Volume 2, Application Development" (ISBN:0321679199) and "Volume 3, Advanced Application Development" (ISBN:0321679202).

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"CF9 WACK Vol 1 Review" - by BrianO on 15-FEB-2011
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Great job at introducing CF9 and integrating CF Builder into this one. I have read the WACK books for CF7 and 8 and used the CF8 version to help pass my CF8 certification exam (studying for the CF9 certification now). In all versions including this one, I found a few errors and typos, especially in the new material, but nothing too serious. Could probably use a fresh set of eyes from a non-author developer before getting shipped (just send me a link to the draft for CF10).

I like when you mentioned that something being presented isn't a best practice, but even more when the best practice is used. Personally I would try to avoid presenting non-best practices, even if it requires a little more code (e.g., external CSS versus embedded and inline styles) - it causes me pain to see it :-). Perhaps a compromise would be to show a code block at the beginning and end of a series of changes, but for the interim solutions to not repeat code blocks that don't change (just use ellipses). I skimmed the old parts anyway and just looked for what changed. My approach would have read better at least to me and take up fewer pages.

Also have the download versions be in color and ideally make it dynamic so that code snippets and other graphs/figures could be displayed concurrently in a separate screen from the text or as a non-modal popup. Add some video in while you are at it. Be sure it scales well for tablet computers. I hope to be looking at the CF10 WACK on a Xoom or other tablet when you complete it.

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