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SERVER-SIDE DYNAMIC CONTENT FOR FLASH-ENABLED DEVICES With this information, you can dynamically author Flash movies that run on older Flash players (as far back as the Flash 3 Player). You also will be able to create complex Flash 4 or greater applications that contain all the data needed to dynamically create content. This allows you to create Flash applications that use dynamic data regardless of whether the device is connected to a network at the time the application is run. Generator template authoring is no longer supported in Flash MX. Because of this, all the examples in the chapter require that the Flash 5 authoring environment be used. For more information on Generator and other Macromedia server solutions, visit WHAT IS MACROMEDIA GENERATOR? Generator is a server-side tool that dynamically creates data-driven graphics. Aside from Flash movies, Gener- ator can also dynamically create GIFs (both animated and static), JPEGs, PNGs, QuickTime movies, and both Macintosh and PC Flash executables. It can be used for numerous tasks, but its main roles are to: · Dynamically create data-driven Flash movies (or other media). Data can be retrieved from just about any source, including text files, URLs, middleware, and databases. · Reduce file maintenance by enabling the automation of Flash dynamic content updates.