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Part I: The Flash Tool > Manipulating Artwork with Flash

Chapter 3. Manipulating Artwork with Flash

by Robert Cleveland

In this chapter

Selecting Artwork

Adjusting Elements

Mastering Flash Curves

Working with Cubic Paths in a Quadratic World

Erasing Fills and Contours

Troubleshooting Artwork

Did You Know?

Flash might not be your first choice when it comes time to handle artwork. Many developers use collateral software packages and then import the results into their movies. Inevitably, though, your project will call for some changes, modifications, or, more likely, movement of artwork components for an animation.

Flash has a deep bag of options to manage these shapes. A series of clicks, drags, and menu options can take you way out into the strange recesses of the program. This makes the usual hunt-and-click learning process less than ideal—like searching for a way out of the forest by taking random turns.

It's best to systemically run through the various tool options and understand how each one behaves. Picking up on the subtle modal differences can improve your work time and reduce the inevitable confusion one extra mouse click might induce. Experiment with simple shapes first, trying out the various tools, and then graduate to more complex shapes and designs. The experience is well worth a few hours of time.


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