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Contributors - Pg. xviii

xviii Contributors Kynn Bartlett ( is an author, a programmer, a Web desiger, and a teacher, whose cause is increasing accessibility of the Internet for everyone. He is Director of Accessibility for Edapta, Inc., past president of the HTML Writers Guild, and Chief Technologist for Idyll Mountain Internet. As the founder and director of the HWG's Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education Center, Kynn has worked to increase awareness among Web designers of accessible design for people with disabilities. He teaches online courses in web design and web management, and is active in the World Wide Web Consortium's working groups. Kynn's current interests are in using XML, XSLT, and XHTML to create dynamic user interfaces which adapt to the needs of the users. He lives in Southern California with his wife Liz and their three Tibetan Mastiffs. Cassandra Greer actually studied Linguistics, but has always been interested in computers and how people work with them. She fed herself in college by working in a computer lab and teaching non- native English speakers how to survive at an American University. After she graduated with a M.A. in Linguistics, she moved to Munich, Germany, where she continued teaching English and computer skills in large companies such as BMW, Siemens, Xerox, and ComputNet, and at two universities in the Physics and Engineering Departments. She also does technical translations which is how she hooked up with Mozquito Technologies, where she now does technical documentation for software and new Internet technologies. Her alter-ego dresses up in 13th century clothes, reads medieval literature and stays as far away from modern technological magic as possible. Christian Jarolim started his professional career in Web design in 1996. Before that he studied architecture and industrial design in Graz and Linz and worked and lived in Graz, London, New York, Salzburg and Vienna. Christian now works for Mozquito Technologies in Munich as a Web designer, trainer and consultant with an emphasis on XHTML and XHTML-FML. Christian also publishes chapters and articles on how to best use XHTML and its extensions. He really likes mountain biking and jazz. Send him free tickets to the Lausanne Jazz Festival if you want a friend for life. Lee Anne Phillips,, cut her first networking tooth on ARPANet at UC Ber- keley and has worked in networking and telephony since her tender years. She writes on Internet subjects and programming and knows how to punch down cable too. She currently works with Voxeo Corp, which has products touching the voice processing domain space. She is the author of nu- merous technology books, including Special Edition Using XML. Derrick Story is the Managing Editor for the O'Reilly Network and runs the Northern California photography business, Story Photography, He writes and speaks on numerous technology and photography-oriented topics, including digital pho- tography and writing for the Web.