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Chapter 9. Practical Application: Joomla... > Basic Planning of Group Sites - Pg. 171

9 Practical Application: Joomla! for NGOs/NPOs, Groups, Clubs, and Organizations A s mentioned in the previous chapter about business applications, Joomla! is an excel- lent choice because it is free in cost and the code is open source. This makes it a very attractive choice for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofit organizations (NPOs), groups, clubs, and organizations. One of the benefits of Joomla! specifically for this application is the collaborative environments that can be set up using Joomla! that help organizations not only connect and organize within their group but also reach out to the greater public and promote their platform or message, gain financial support, and connect like-minded people to achieve a common idea or goal. Basic Planning of Group Sites When creating a Web site for a nonprofit organization or group, whether as a volunteer or paid staff member, there are a few general principles to consider. What is the purpose of the site? Is it to give information about the organization, advocate for a specific cause, raise money, attract volunteers, or engage the com- munity of members, clients, or potential clients? n n n n Is the site envisioned as central to your fulfilling organization's mission? Or is it a brochure site? How much interaction will there be between the site visitors and the organization and site visitors and each other? Who will manage the site, a volunteer, a staff member, or a team? How much time will they have to devote to it? As you consider these questions, you will want to discuss goals and expectations for the site with various stakeholders or constituencies connected with the organization or group. Although these groups may create long lists of feature requests, what is most