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Chapter 11. Creating a Restaurant Site w... > Why Does a Restaurant Need a Website... - Pg. 336

Why Does a Restaurant Need a Website? A restaurant is an excellent example of a business that needs a website to commu- nicate its brand and business information. These types of websites are often called brochure websites because they function as brochures from an online platform. As have discussed in other chapters, the standards for websites are changing. Visi- tors are becoming increasingly less apt to accept (and repeatedly visit) sites where the content rarely changes, and they want to be able to interact with sites. A restaurant website example can easily be generalized. A restaurant represents any small business that has relatively fixed content but wants to add enough inter- activity to be able to make the site interesting and worth revisiting. For a restaurant, this means regularly updating menus and event information. Ultimately, the example of a restaurant in this chapter represents a baseline for all small businesses today. The question should not be "Why does a restaurant want a website?" but "How can I make a professional site that's easy to update and very extendable?" THE LEAST YOU NEED TO KNOW A modern business must have a web presence that communicates its brand and information about the company. Enter the modern CMS. What Features Does a Restaurant Website Need? Most restaurants have a number of key facets they need to communicate through their websites. Most visitors look for one of five types of information: · · · · · 336 Menus Specials/news Hours Directions Contact information