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PolyJSP - Pg. 235

JSP Applications 235 Oracle Jdeveloper JSP Version: 1.1 Application: Development Environment Company: Oracle Corporation URL: Pricing Model: Commercial Oracle JDeveloper is a J2EE Development Environment with full support for Servlets and JSP. It includes Wizards to develop JavaServer Pages and Servlet applications, as well as a built-in per- sonal Web server to test and debug JSP and Servlet pages within the IDE. Included with JDeveloper are several JavaBeans for use with the Web called Web Beans. It also includes a built-in deployment tool to deploy Oracle Business Components as either EJB or CORBA applications. Orion Application Server JSP Version: 1.1 Application: Application Server Company: URL: Pricing Model: Commercial Orion is an Application Server with full EJB 1.1 support, including entity Beans with container-man- aged persistence. It supports JSP 1.1 and Servlet 2.2. Orion runs on any machine with a Java 2 compatible Java Virtual Machine. Currently it is a standalone application. Future plans include in- tegration into IIS and Apache. It is free for development. PolyJSP JSP Version: .92 Application: Embeddable Company: Plenix URL: Pricing Model: Open Source PolyJsp is an extensible JSP implementation designed to support multiple scripting languages and multiple JSP versions. Completely based on XML and XSL, PolyJsp currently supports Java, Java- Script and WebL as scripting languages. It meets the JSP .92 specification. PolyJsp is a direct descendant of ESP (EcmaScript Pages), a Servlet used for authoring dynamic Web pages in Ec- maScript. Installation of PolyJsp requires a Web server and Servlet engine. PowerTier 6 for EJB JSP Version: 1.0 Application: Application Server Company: Persistence Software, Inc. URL: