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JavaServer Pages™ (JSP) is a new technology that facilitates the development of the dynamic, interactive, content-rich Web pages now in great demand. Cross-platform, fast, easily changed, and extensible, JSP overcomes the limitations of previous Web development technologies and is rapidly becoming an acknowledged standard. Sun has included JSP as a formal part of the Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition, and every vendor of application servers supports the technology.

JavaServer Pages™ is a hands-on guide to building dynamic Web pages with JSP. Appropriate for all Web designers--whether or not you are familiar with the Java programming language--the book takes you from the basics to the most advanced dynamic Web site development techniques. It presents the many relevant technologies, including beans, servlets, and Java language essentials, and shows how they work with JSP to bring sophistication and flexibility to your Web site.

You will find fascinating background on the evolution of the World Wide Web and how JSP resolves many of the drawbacks of other Web development technologies, including Active Server Pages (ASP). The book then demonstrates the step-by-step basics of Web development with JSP, beans, and just enough Java programming to add better control to pages. Moving beyond these basics, the book addresses more advanced topics, including servlets, creating one's own beans, and JSP and databases. It shows specifically how these technologies come together to support the Web applications of e-commerce, customized pages, and ad targeting. Also included is a CD-ROM, containing Tomcat™, Jakarta™, and extensive examples of JavaServer Pages™.

Specific topics covered include:

  • JSP templating, scriptlets, conditionals, and loops

  • Request-time expressions

  • Bean instances and serialization

  • Manual and automatic session scope

  • Database access from Java

  • JDBC and beans

  • Creating a bean for personalization

  • The servlet API

  • JSPs and XML

  • Threads and custom tags

A large-scale example running throughout the book demonstrates the leading edge of real-world Web development. All examples are based on Jakarta™ and Tomcat™, the reference implementation of JSP developed for use with Apache Web server and others. A convenient appendix summarizes JSP 1.1 tags.


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