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8.7. Further Reading

With the explosive growth in the popularity of Active Server Pages, an entire component-development industry has arisen. This industry is a testament to ASP's ability to quickly and easily create powerful, dynamic web sites. The links below are to lists of available third-party components and numerous third-party vendors. If you need a specific tool for your web site, say a threaded message board system, check out these lists and vendors to quickly find a complete third-party COM object that fits your needs.

  • For a list of available third-party ASP COM components, check out the component list on

  • If you are looking for an ASP e-commerce component, look no further than iisCart:

  • Doug Dean Consulting builds a number of COM objects that can be used in an ASP web site. If you are in the market for a threaded forum, calendar, or web-based memo system, check out:

  • ASPdb is a component designed to aid in publishing database information on the Web. Easily display table information in a number of different formats and styles:

  • Looking to add a chat system to your site? Why write your own when you can use ASPChat? It's available from at ?

  • Offer your users the option to spellcheck their inputs; check out

  • While the FileSystemObject was developed to work exclusively with text files, it can be used to access binary files as well. Check out to learn how to upload files using just ASP code and the FileSystemObject!


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